Brad Thurber

Engineering Geologist LG, LEG

Mr. Thurber has 20 years of experience as an engineering geologist in the Pacific Northwest. He specializes in applying his academic and experiential knowledge of Quaternary geology and geomorphology to engineering and environmental problems, in a variety of geologic settings. He has performed subsurface exploration, geologic mapping, terrain assessment, and slope stability evaluation to provide design and construction guidance for a broad range variety of public and private developments. Project experience includes roads and bridges, solid waste facilities, water and wastewater treatment plants, underground utilities, commercial and industrial developments, schools, parks and regional trails, and residential subdivisions, as well as individual homes in geologically hazardous areas.


He has conducted explorations with hollow-stem auger, mud-rotary, air-rotary, and Becker hammer in soils, and also rock coring, with a variety of truck and remote-access rigs. Geotechnical explorations have ranged from shallow borings and test pits for site grading recommendations, to deep boreholes for design of tunnels, a landfill, and port facilities. He has also participated in Phase I and Phase II environmental investigations, and logged boreholes and inspected monitoring well installation for sites with known or suspected contaminants, including deep wells for landfills.


Mr. Thurber has participated in a number of forensic engineering projects, characterizing the causes of settling foundations, failing retaining walls, unstable rock cuts, and landslides.  HWA was brought into many of these projects after problems occurred during construction, and provided recommendations for rehabilitation in a timely manner. His documentation of observations during construction inspection has enabled clients to reduce contractor claims.


Licenses and Certificates:

  • LG, LEG in Washington


Specialty Focus:

  • Geomorphology

  • Environmental

  • Subsurface Exploration



  • Hiking