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Steve Wright

Materials Testing Lab Manager

Mr. Wright has 9 years of experience with Construction Materials Testing, Geotechnical Construction Monitoring and Special Inspections. While working as a Laboratory Supervisor, Mr. Wright was responsible for ensuring that clients obtained the required testing for aggregate, asphalt, concrete and soils; matching the testing to the project specifications or other governing standards.


While performing field inspections, Mr. Wright worked on a wide range of projects of various size and scope from residential developments to Heavy Civil and Interstate Transportation projects. This wide variety of projects provided exposure to many geotechnical and construction techniques including: Deep Foundations, Retaining Wall and Slope Stabilization methods, Pavement Evaluation and, Concrete Structures construction.



  • American Concrete Institute: Concrete Field Testing, Concrete Strength Testing, Aggregate Testing, Concrete Laboratory Testing Level 1

  • International Code Council: Prestressed Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Soils, Spray-applied Fireproofing, Structural Steel & Bolting

  • WABO: Proprietary Anchors, Reinforced Concrete, Spray-applied Fireproofing

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