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Geotechnical Engineering

HWA is a full-service geotechnical engineering firm, offering consulting expertise and experience over a wide range of soil-mechanics and foundation engineering disciplines. Although HWA is a mid-sized Pacific Northwest firm, we work on major projects throughout the United States. HWA also performs international consulting assignments in Canada, Central America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.


HWA delivers geotechnical engineering services for projects from initial planning to final design, and construction procedures, inspection, and observation. Our geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists provide data and design recommendations to assist other engineers, architects, and planners in determining cost-effective designs for all manner of foundation systems, site development and preparation works, and construction techniques for a variety of projects. Additionally, our engineering and geological staff has a vast experience base with hazardous terrain assessment, and design and construction of slope stabilization methods for steep slopes or seismic instability. Frequently, our professionals perform peer reviews in support of city-owned capital projects, operations, and maintenance.

Typical Services Include:

Site investigations and assessments

Landslide stabilization and critical areas studies

Slope stability and slide stabilization design

Piles and drilled piers design and installation inspection

Retaining structures design and construction inspection

Earth pressures and shoring

Dam safety assessments

Pavement evaluation and design

Earthquake engineering

Seismic response and soil liquefaction analyses

Site pretreatment and improvement methods

Dewatering and drainage design

Earthworks design and construction monitoring

Trenchless construction design

Peer review

Expert testimony

Geotechnical Projects
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