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At HWA, our hydrogeologists are experts in hydrostratigraphy, groundwater/surface water interactions, groundwater development, groundwater monitoring and groundwater protection. Our long-term presence in the Northwest and knowledge of local ground water conditions gives us the experience necessary to assess, develop and protect ground water resources with a practical, solution-oriented approach to projects of all sizes.

Hydrogeology Projects
Typical Services Include:

Aquifer Testing

Well Testing and Rehabilitation

Water Rights Permitting Assistance

Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring

Groundwater Quality Statistical Analysis

Wellhead Protection Delineations and Plans

Groundwater Exploration and Development

Well Design, Specifications, and Construction

Aquifer Yield Analysis and Hydrologic Budgeting

Analytical and Numerical Groundwater Modeling


HWA has applied these services to the following types of projects:


Groundwater Supply Infiltration

Construction Dewatering Design

Hazardous Waste Investigations

Solid Waste Investigations, Monitoring, and Permitting

Wastewater/Stormwater Infiltration and Land Application

Environmental Assessments / Environmental Impact Statements

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