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Materials Testing


HWA maintains a Full-Service Soil and Construction Materials Testing Lab as well as a Mobile Asphalt Testing Lab.  We test soils, Asphaltic and Portland cement concrete, aggregates, geotextiles, and additional materials in support of site evaluation, structural design, and construction quality control. The laboratory is accredited by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). We participate in eight different performance assessment sample programs for soils, asphalt, and concrete through AMRL and CCRL. Individuals on the laboratory staff hold several certifications from ACI and NICET.


Our primary testing lab generally conducts testing in support of soils characterization and field testing and inspection while the secondary testing lab conducts those tests mostly associated with geotechnical design.

Order Tests

HWA provides many geotechnical services including pavement engineering, construction inspection, materials testing and more.  

Materials Testing

Choose from one of the three forms available to assign the required testing. The Geotechnical form is most relevant for samples obtained from geotechnical explorations with Index, Strength and Permeability options presented. The Inspection form is suited for CMT samples with testing options for Soil, Aggregate, Asphalt and Concrete. The Chain of Custody may be used where project requirements call for sample tracking to be documented.


Please inquire if your required test method is not listed in the relevant forms. If you have not previously submitted samples or are unsure of your project details (project name, project number) send a form completed with all available information and we’ll help complete project setup.

Typical Services Include:

Sieve and Hydrometer Analysis

Moisture Content


Proctor Tests

Atterberg Limits

Sand Equivalent

Specific Gravity and Absorption

Bitumen Extraction and Aggregate Gradation

Rice Density

Compression Testing


Secondary testing specialties are comprised of:


Direct Shear

Triaxial Strength Testing (UU, CU)

Incremental Consolidation

Hydraulic Conductivity and Infiltration


HWA also provides Advanced Testing and Treatability Testing.

Our Materials Testing Services Include:

Soil Laboratory Tests

  • Atterberg Limits (ASTM D4318)

  • California Bearing Ratio (ASTM D1883)

  • Consolidation Test Incremental Loading (ASTM D2435)

  • Grain Size Analysis (ASTM D422, D6913, D7928)

  • Moisture/Density Relationship (ASTM D698, D1557)

  • Moisture Content (ASTM D2216)

  • One-Dimensional Swell (ASTM D4546)

  • Organic Content Test (ASTM D2974)

  • Permeability Tests (ASTM D5084)

  • Relative Density (ASTM D4253 / D4254)

  • Shelby Tube Extrusion and Sample Description

  • Specific Gravity Test (ASTM D854)

  • Minimum Soil Resistivity (AASHTO T 288)

  • pH of Soils for Corrosion Testing (AASHTO T 289)

  • Strength Testing

  • Unit Weight

  • Visual Soil Classification



Aggregate Quality Tests

  • Clay Lumps and Friable Particles (ASTM C42)

  • Degradation Test (WSDOT 113)

  • Fracture Face Count (ASTM D5821)

  • Grain Size (ASTM C136, C117)

  • Los Angeles Abrasion (ASTM C131, C535)

  • Organic Impurities (ASTM C40)

  • Percentage of Material Passing #200 Sieves (ASTM C117)

  • Sand Equivalent (ASTM D2419)

  • Specific Gravity Tests

  • Unit Weight by Dry Rodding (ASTM C29)

Concrete and Masonry Tests

  • Compression Testing of Concrete Cores (ASTM C42, C513)

  • Compression Testing of Concrete Cylinders (ASTM C39)

  • Compression Testing of Grout and Mortar Specimens (ASTM C109)

  • Concrete Beam Flexural Strength Test (ASTM C78)


Asphaltic Concrete Tests

  • Asphalt Content by Ignition (ASTM D6307)

  • Bulk Specific Gravity and Density - SSD Method (ASTM D2726)

  • Bulk Specific Gravity and Density - Wax Method (ASTM D1188)

  • Preparation of Asphalt Mix Specimens Using Marshall Apparatus (ASTM D6926)

  • Marshall Stability and Flow Determination (ASTM D6927)

  • Percent Air Voids in Compacted or Open Bituminous Mixtures (ASTM D3203)

  • Rice Density (ASTM D2041)         


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