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Mobile Asphalt Testing Laboratory

HWA owns and operates a mobile laboratory equipped for FAA airfield hot-mix asphalt acceptance testing.  HWA GeoSciences is accredited by AASHTO for R-18 and ASTM D 3666 and our technical staff are WAQTC certified.  HWA can provide quality assurance (QA) testing for FAA projects on-site or at the plant including but not limited to:

  • Marshall Testing

  • Maximum Theoretical Specific Gravity (Rice Density)

  • Bulk Density of HMA Cores

  • In-place Compaction Testing (nuclear gauge or core)

Materials Testing
Recent Projects

Sanderson Field, Shelton, Washington

Runway 5-23 Pavement Maintenance and Electrical Improvements-Summer 2020

  • Performed FAA Acceptance testing of 9,000 tons of P-401 HMA.


Arlington Airport, Arlington, Washington

Taxiway B Pavement Rehabilitation-Summer 2020

  • Performed FAA Acceptance testing of 3,000 tons of P-401 HMA.


Auburn Airport, Auburn, Washington

Runway 16-34 Extension-Spring 2020

  • Performed FAA acceptance testing of 1,000 tons of P-401 HMA.

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