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Sa Hong

Geotechnical Engineer PE

Mr. Hong has over 35 years of geotechnical engineering experience in the Northwest. His primary areas of expertise are slope stability/landslide remediation, deep foundations and pavement engineering. His practical experience includes geotechnical investigations and analyses, and construction consultation for buildings, wastewater treatment facilities, landfills, airports, bridges, waterfront structures, and large sewer/water line projects.


Mr. Hong has provided engineering analyses and recommendations for mitigating seismic hazards including deep foundations and lateral support system options, and ground modification. He has extensive experience in drilled caisson foundations, deep pile foundations and preloaded fills for sites underlain by soft subsoils. He has developed dewatering and shoring recommendations for deep open-cut foundation excavations utilizing tieback support systems. He is well versed in the procedures for slope analysis and has a great deal of experience at determin­ing the cause of sliding and formulating effective and cost-efficient measures for stabilization. Mr. Hong has provided geotechnical recommendations pertaining to construction of rock buttresses, drainage, geotextile reinforced slopes, ecology block buttresses, rip rap, slope armoring and various other stabilization and erosion control techniques.


Licenses and Certificates:

  • PE in Washington, Oregon, Alaska


Specialty Focus:

  • Deep Foundations

  • Slope Stability Design

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